[who we are]

Fantasy sports, for reality TV.

Led by its first platform, Bach Bracket, Bracketology plans to expand and replicate its game types to become the go-to centralized hub for all reality TV fantasy gaming.

[how it started]

We started our first property, Bach Bracket, back in 2016 because we LOVE The Bachelor, and, back then, there really wasn’t such a thing as a fantasy Bachelor league online. We had played in our own ‘league’ together for years, sending over our picks via text – and keeping score in a Google Sheet.


One day, over a weekday meal in LA that probably lasted far too long & included a little too much wine to be considered a ‘work lunch’, we drew the framework of Bach Bracket where every great idea gets its start – on the back of some cocktail napkins. We were so excited that we called a web developer friend of ours on our way back to the office & asked how much it would cost to design our first version. He said $750, and we said ‘We’re in!”

Shoutout to Lexi's mom who made us take this photo the day Bach Bracket went live in 2016.

Several weeks later, we were emailed a series of PDF mockups of the site, and an invoice for $750. In all of our excitement (and naivete) we didn’t realize that in tech speak, design doesn’t mean develop. We had a beautiful picture of what Bach Bracket could be… but definitely no Bach Bracket. When we got the actual quote for getting a full-functioning site built, we were shocked. Like, talk to your husbands/boyfriends to make sure they are comfortable with you dipping into your savings, shocked. But after seeing our vision in those wireframe images, we couldn’t resist making it a reality.


[where we're headed]

For the last several years, we have been the largest & most used Bachelor fantasy site online.

Our Team

The Bracketology team is committed to building and growing the Bracketology platform with fans in mind.

Jonah Fialkow

Chief Executive Officer

Caleb DeRuiter

Head of Growth

Kaitlyn Hurley

COO + Co-Founder

Jessica Dahlstrum


David Pawlan

Head of Product

Mary Roberts