[who we are]

Fantasy sports, for reality TV.

Bracketology is the go-to, centralized platform for all reality TV fantasy gaming.

[how it started]

We started our first property, Bach Bracket, back in 2016 because we LOVE The Bachelor, and, back then, there really wasn’t such a thing as a fantasy Bachelor league online. We had played in our own ‘league’ together for years, sending over our picks via text – and keeping score in a Google Sheet.


One day, over a weekday meal in L.A. that probably lasted far too long & included a little too much wine to be considered a ‘work lunch’, we drew the framework of Bach Bracket where every great idea gets its start – on the back of some cocktail napkins. We were so excited that we called a web developer friend of ours on our way back to the office & asked how much it would cost to design our first version. He said “$750,” and we said “We’re in!”

Shoutout to Lexi's mom who made us take this photo the day Bach Bracket went live in 2016.

Several weeks later, we were emailed a series of PDF mockups of the site, and an invoice for $750. In all of our excitement (and naivete) we didn’t realize that in tech speak, design doesn’t mean develop. We had a beautiful picture of what Bach Bracket could be… but definitely no Bach Bracket. When we got the actual quote for getting a full-functioning site built, we were shocked. Like, talk to your husbands/boyfriends to make sure they are comfortable with you dipping into your savings, shocked. But after seeing our vision in those wireframe images, we couldn’t resist making it a reality.


[where we're headed]

For the last several years, we have been the largest & most used Bachelor fantasy site online.
Bracketology has since expanded into 5 other reality TV franchises (Survivor, Big Brother, and more), becoming the go-to, single hub for all fantasy reality TV gaming.

[the bracketology team]

Our team is committed to building and growing the Bracketology platform with the fans in mind.

Jonah Fialkow

CEO + Co-Founder

Kaitlyn Hurley

COO + Co-Founder

David Pawlan

Head of Product + Co-Founder