The Voice Drinking Game

We recommend keeping a cold glass of water next to your bed and setting multiple alarms so you don’t miss your early morning meetings after playing our Drinking Game for The Voice.

Sip, drink, and chug as you watch great singers compete to win The Voice.

Save the image for easy access to the rules during the show, or see the written rules below.


Take one sip:

  • For each chair turn during Blind Auditions
  • Backstory clip package is shown
  • Someone says where they are from
  • Someone gets a word bleeped out
  • Contestant complements a coach/guest judge
  • Someone says “The Voice” or Season number


Take three sips:

  • Someone references a tough/hard decision
  • Someone cries
  • Contestant plays their own instrument while singing
  • Contestant doesn’t get a chair turn in Blind Auditions
  • Previous contestant or coach is mentioned
  • Prize money or “winning” is referenced


Finish your drink:

  • Contestants gets a 4-chair turn in Blind Auditions
  • Technical difficulties during live show
  • Contestant is stolen or changes to another coach

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for drunken shenanigans or hangovers that occur as a result of playing along.