The Bachelorette Fantasy League

Two women search for love amongst 30+ men all hoping to get down on one knee. Play along as you watch!


The best way to play Fantasy Bachelorette.

Watch the men compete for The Bachelorette’s heart in this ever-entertaining show brought to you by ABC. Better yet, predict things like who will advance, who will get the first impression rose, and who will get inebriated by creating a league and inviting your friends & family. After all, there’s no better way to end your case of the Mondays than with a show full of six packs, ridiculous group competitions, man drama, and one lovely Bachelorette.

League Types

Bracketology offers four different game types for fantasy Bachelorette. Each league can play in up to 3 out of 4 game types per season. Learn more about these game types below!

Fill out your entire bracket after the first episode – guessing which contestants will get roses each week.


Pick Frequency: Once

Select contestants who you think will survive the next Rose Ceremony, points for each correct pick.


Pick Frequency: Weekly

Draft a new team of contestants each week & win or lose points based on what they do or say.

Pick Frequency: Weekly

Week to Week, but assign a  point value to each contestant based on your confidence that they’ll stay.

Pick Frequency: Weekly