Big Brother Drinking Game

Pour one out for those evicted houseguests.​

Save the image for easy access to the rules during the show, or see the written rules below.


Take one sip:

  • The word “showmance” is said
  • The word “blindsided” is said
  • Houseguest gets muted or bleeped out
  • Houseguest gives a shoutout during the live vote
  • Houseguest sings or raps
  • Houseguest or team wins a competition
  • 1on1 conversion with HOH in the HOH bedroom
  • Toast or cheers
  • Houseguest is shown eating on camera


Take two sips:

  • Houseguest references the prize money
  • Houseguest cries
  • An alliance is formed
  • Houseguest kisses another contestant
  • Houseguest vomits or requires medical attention
  • Houseguest calls another houseguest “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”


Finish your drink:

  • A houseguest breaks an alliance or promise
  • Power of Veto is used
  • Houseguest is evicted

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the hangovers that occur as a result of this drinking game.