Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game

We recommend keeping a cold glass of ice water next to your bed and setting multiple alarms so you don’t miss your Tuesday/Wednesday morning meetings after playing our Drinking Game for Bachelor in Paradise.

Pretend you're right there on the beach with the cast & play along.

Nothing says summer like a Bachelor in Paradise drinking game. Save the image for easy access to the rules during the show, or see the written rules below.

Take one sip:

  • A word is bleeped out
  • A contestant is shown in a post-credit scene
  • A contestant is seen eating
  • A contestant is seen exercising or working out
  • Two contestants kiss
  • Contestant swims or wades in ocean

Take two sips:

  • Contestant receives a date card to give out
  • Contestants kiss in water
  • A contestant has a black box over them
  • A contestant mentions a former Bachelor or Bachelorette lead
  • A contestant has a 1 on 1 conversation with a host or bartender
  • Contestant is asked on a date

Finish your drink:

  • Leaves BIP of their own accord
  • Engagement occurs
  • An ambulance or paramedic arrives
Bachelor in Paradise - Drinking Game 2022

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the hangovers that occur as a result of this drinking game.