Big Brother Fantasy League

Build your roster and choose who you think will win H.O.H and outshine the other houseguests each episode.

The best way to play fantasy Big Brother.

Whether you’re looking to create a classic Big Brother Bracket, or play fantasy football-style, Bracketology has a game type for you. Create a league with friends, or join one of our many public leagues to rack up points and prove your Big Brother expertise.

Game Types

Bracketology offers four different game types for fantasy Big Brother. Each league can play in up to 3 out of 4 game types per season. Learn more about these game types below!

Fill out your entire bracket after the first episode and before the first live eviction – guessing which houseguest will get evicted each week.

Pick Frequency: Once

Select houseguests who you think will survive the next Live Eviction, points for each correct pick.


Pick Frequency: Weekly

Draft a new team of houseguests each week & win or lose points based on what they do or say.

Pick Frequency: Weekly

Week to Week, but assign a  point value to each houseguest based on your confidence that they’ll stay.

Pick Frequency: Weekly

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