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Build your roster and choose which players will make it to the final, and who will become a Challenge Champion.

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Whether you’re looking to create a classic Challenge Bracket, or play fantasy football-style, Bracketology has a game type for you. Create a league with friends, or join one of our many public leagues to rack up points and prove you’re an expert at The Challenge.

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Join a public league, or start a private league with friends. No limits on league sizes.


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Multiple game types, The Challenge-specific rules, & fully automated scoring.

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Meet the Contestants

The season 3 Challenge USA cast will added as soon as they are announced.

Someone's going home tonight.

What is The Challenge?

The Challenge is a long-running MTV reality show that’s been around since 1998. It’s a spin-off of The Real World and Road Rules, bringing together alumni from those shows to compete in grueling physical and mental challenges.


Over its 38 seasons (and counting!), the show’s format has evolved, but the core concept remains the same: strangers (mostly familiar faces from the Real World and Road Rules at first, now including contestants from other reality shows like Survivor & Big Brother) face off for a chance to win a big cash prize. They battle it out individually, in pairs, or in teams, with the ultimate goal of being able to run TJ’s final & be crowned the Challenge Champion.

Fantasy League Game Types

Bracketology offers four different fantasy game types for The Challenge. Each league can play in up to 3 game types per season. Learn more about these game types below!

Similar to fantasy football. Draft a new team of players each episode, and win or lose points based on things they do and say – with custom Challenge rules.

Build an elimination-style bracket one time, for the full season, guessing which challengers will advance through each elimination, points for each correct pick.

Select contestants who you believe will avoid and or survive the upcoming elimination battle. You receive a uniform number of points for each correct pick.

Week to Week, with a twist. Rank how confident you are that each challenger will survive Elimination, assigning your most confident pick to the highest point value.

The Challenge USA Season 3 leagues open soon.

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