Have we seen enough Ashley & Jared content yet?  Honestly, it feels like I’m back in high school watching washed up alumni who peaked in 9th grade come back to visit their glory days on a fall break… and I’ve had enough. 

Otherwise, this was a hectic week for the paradise goers.  Salley sets a new record for the shortest time spent in paradise and Michael A breaks America’s heart. As always, there’s a lil bit of drama, a lil bit of love, and a whole lotta tears. 

Love in Paradise

Romeo & Kira: PAUSE! Literally, let’s all take a moment to just reassess … (like Romeo did when Kira asked him to leave paradise with her). It’s no joke when I say that Romeo took 43 seconds to respond to Kira’s request. It was maybe the most uncomfortable minute of reality tv to ever be aired, but every cringeful second was so worth it when Romeo AGREED to leave paradise with Kira. Godspeed to them! 

Brandon & Serene: This couple is so, so solid. Dare we say, they may be the most unproblematic couple Paradise has ever seen? The two of them were able to escape the craziness of the beach for a little and embark on a beautiful date night together. They share some much needed alone time together as they eat dinner overlooking gorgeous views. After sharing kind words to each other, Brandon tells Serene that he is falling in love with her, and she says it back!  Could we see an engagement this season?!


Jacob & Jill: These two could be a match made in heaven; they are CRAZY and share the same love for living life to the fullest. Jacob takes Jill on a fun date, and it’s apparent that they have some chemistry.  When they arrive back to the beach, everyone can tell how happy they are. Although, with so many new contestants entering Paradise, it will be interesting to see how long this lust will last… we shall see!


Andrew & Brittany:  This is an unexpected couple, but WE ARE HERE for them! Brittany has been the most underrated woman in Paradise thus far, so it’s nice to see her not swerving someone (queen). We’re all excited to see where this can go.  

Love Triangles & Dating Disaster

Genevieve, Justin & Aaron: The saga continues…After an amazing date together, Aaron and Genevieve return to Paradise, where of course Justin is nothing but salty, especially since it’s his BIRTHDAY. Now, let’s hold up for a second because did Justin not do the exact same thing to Genevieve on HER birthday?! Seems a bit hypocritical. Anyways, Justin kinda lures Genevieve into giving him a birthday kiss, which is also super awkward to watch because Aaron also sees this happen. Genevieve is spiraling; she has no idea what to do or how to comprehend what has just happened. She decides to talk to Aaron, explain herself, and he is nothing but forgiving. We love an unproblematic KING!  Genevieve realizes she wants nothing to do with Justin, and is now attached to Aaron’s hip.  This will be a couple to watch; I have a feeling more dramatics will follow these two. 

Rose Ceremony

There was no Rose Ceremony this week, but the women have the power and will hand their roses out on Monday. 


However, if you had Salley, Sierra or Romeo on your fantasy league roster, you probably weren’t too happy that they self-eliminated from Paradise and lost points for your team.