Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality television competition that first aired in 2000 and is still running strong, over 20 seasons later.


The show features a group of contestants, referred to as houseguests, who are placed in a house together and monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. The contestants must live together and compete in challenges, forming alliances and voting each other out of the house one by one. The last remaining two contestants are voted on by a jury of previously evicted houseguests, and the winner receives a cash prize.

How It Starts

The first episode of Big Brother typically starts with an introduction to the house and the housemates, and a description of the rules of the game. The host of the show, Julie Chen Moonves, will usually give a brief overview of the format of the show and the twists and turns that the houseguests can expect throughout the season. After the introduction, the houseguests are typically shown entering the house and meeting each other for the first time. The first episode may also include the first challenge or task that the houseguests must complete, as well as the first nomination ceremony, in which the houseguests vote to nominate one or more of their fellow housemates for possible eviction.


Head of Household (HOH)

a Head of Household (HOH) competition is a weekly challenge in which the houseguests compete to become the HOH for the week. The HOH is responsible for nominating two houseguests for eviction and also has certain privileges, such as getting their own private room with a personal bathroom and security camera access throughout the house. The HOH competition can take many forms, such as physical challenges, quizzes, or games of chance. The HOH competition is typically held at the beginning of each week, and the HOH is usually announced on the live eviction show.


Power of Veto (POV)

The Power of Veto (POV) is a competition that is held once a week. The POV gives one of the houseguests the power to veto one of the HOH’s nominations for eviction. In order to participate in the POV competition, a houseguest must be chosen by having their name drawn from a box. The participants are typically the HOH, the two nominees, and three other houseguests chosen by random draw.


Like the HOH comp, the POV competition can take many forms, such as physical challenges, quizzes, or games of strategy. The winner of the POV competition has the power to veto one of the HOH’s nominations and force the HOH to nominate another houseguest for eviction. If the veto is used, the HOH must nominate another houseguest for eviction. If the veto is not used, the original nominations stand and the houseguests vote to evict one of the nominated houseguests.


Types of Competitions

There are many different competitions that have been featured on the show. The consistent aspect of any comp is that the winner gets immunity and/or the ability to influence the next eviction.

The common competitions that carry across seasons include, but are not limited to:

– Long-lasting physical endurance

– Puzzle or mental challenges

– “The Wall”: This is a physical endurance competition in which houseguests must hold onto a wall while being sprayed with water, oil, and other substances.

– “BB Comics”: In this competition, houseguests must dress up in superhero costumes and complete physical challenges based on iconic comic book scenes.

– “BB Circus”: In this competition, houseguests must perform various circus-themed physical challenges, such as tightrope walking and trapeze acts.

Live Evictions

A live eviction is a weekly event in which one of the houseguests is voted out of the house by their fellow housemates. The live eviction is typically held on Thursday nights and is broadcast live on television.


During the live eviction, the host of the show (Julie Chen Moonves) will speak with the houseguests who are up for eviction and give them the opportunity to plead their case to their other housemates. The houseguests will then vote to evict one of the nominated houseguests. The houseguest who receives the most votes is evicted from the house and must leave immediately. The evicted houseguest is then interviewed by Julie before leaving the show.

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Typically, the winner of Big Brother is awarded a cash prize of more than $500,000. The runner-up also receives a smaller cash prize.

"Have-Nots" and Zingbot


The “have-nots” are a group of houseguests who are required to follow certain rules and restrictions for a week. The have-nots are typically chosen by the Head of Household (HOH) or by a competition, and the selection process varies from season to season.


The rules and restrictions that the have-nots must follow are designed to make their lives in the house more difficult and uncomfortable. For example, the have-nots may be required to eat a specific, limited diet, such as slop (a type of gruel) or a vegetarian diet. They may also be required to sleep in a separate, uncomfortable bedroom and take cold showers. The have-nots are not allowed to use certain amenities, such as the hot tub or the sauna. The have-nots are typically revealed on the live eviction show and must follow the rules until the next have-nots are selected.



Zingbot is a character on the US version of the television show “Big Brother.” Zingbot is a robot that appears in the house and delivers zingers, or humorous insults, to the houseguests. Zingbot is a fan favorite and is known for its sarcastic and humorous commentary.

During Zingbot’s appearances, the houseguests typically participate in a competition or challenge that involves Zingbot. For example, the houseguests may have to deliver their own zingers to Zingbot or try to guess the zingers that Zingbot will deliver to them. Zingbot’s appearances are typically lighthearted and are meant to provide a break from the intense competition and strategy of the game.