Amazing Race Season 35 Contestants

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Meet the Cast of Season 35

Season 35 of The Amazing Race brought together a diverse group of 13 teams ready to race around the world for a chance to win $1 million. The cast included siblings, married couples, best friends, veterans, and even a mother-daughter duo.


We saw veteran pairs like brothers Liam and Yeremi, who previously had a fractured relationship but were working on rebuilding it, and engaged couple Joe and Ian. There were also established families like sisters Morgan and Lena, and established couples like Ashlie and Todd. The season also featured some unique pairings, including best friends Andrea and Malaina, and even a mother-daughter team with Elizabeth and Iliana.



List of Teams & Their Relationships

Alexandra Lichtor & Sheridan Lichtor: Siblings

Jocelyn Chao & Victor Limary: Married

Ashlie Martin & Todd Martin: Married

Robbin Tomich & Chelsea Day: Married

Joel Moskowitz & Ian Todd: Best Friends


Andrea Simpson & Malaina Hatcher: Best Friends

Liam Hykel & Yeremi Hykel: Brothers

Elizabeth Rivera & Iliana Rivera: Mother & Daughter

Greg Franklin & John Franklin: Brothers

Rob McArthur & Corey McArthur: Father & Son