The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor is a reality television show in the Bachelor Franchise that just launched its first season in 2023.


The Golden Bachelor is ABC’s new spinoff of The Bachelor, but for people in their 60’s and 70’s vying for a second chance at love. Featuring a group of contestants who compete for the affections of a single Golden Bachelor, the contestants live together in a luxurious mansion and go on a series of dates with the Bachelor, competing for time with him and hoping to receive a rose at the end of each episode. The Golden Bachelor eliminates some bachelorettes at the end of each episode, until only a few remain and he (likely) proposes to the finalist. The first Golden Bachelor was 72-year-old, Gerry Turner.

How It Starts

The show begins with the Golden Bachelor meeting the women who will be competing for his affection. This is typically done through a series of limo entrances, in which the women arrive one by one to meet the Golden Bachelor for the first time.


Each woman makes a grand (or not so grand) entrance by stepping out of a limousine and introducing herself to the Bachelor. The limo entrances are often flashy and over-the-top, with the women dressed in extravagant gowns and sometimes even bringing props or performing stunts to make an impression on the Golden Bachelor. The limo entrances set the tone for the rest of the season, as they provide the first opportunity for the women to make an impression on the Golden Bachelor and for the viewers to get to know the women.


One-on-One Dates

Throughout the season, the Golden Bachelor goes on a series of dates with the women, some of which are one-on-one and some of which are group dates. One-on-one dates are intimate, romantic outings that give the Golden Bachelor and one woman the chance to get to know each other better without any distractions.

Group Dates

Group dates, on the other hand, involve the Golden Bachelor taking a group of women out on a group outing or activity, such as a group sports game or a group trip to an amusement park. These dates are often more energetic and social. During group dates, the women often compete for the Golden Bachelor’s attention and affection, and the Golden Bachelor uses these dates to get to know the women better and narrow down his choices. Oftentimes, the winner(s) of the group date will get extra time with the Golden Bachelor at the afterparty.

Types of Dates

There are many different dates that have been featured on the show, some romantic and others adventurous. As the season progresses, these dates are usually located in new cities across the country each week. The common dates that carry across seasons include, but are not limited to:

– A scenic helicopter ride followed by a private dinner at a luxury resort

– A solo concert by a popular musician, followed by a private after-party

– A horseback ride through a beautiful natural setting, followed by a picnic lunch

– A romantic dinner at a private table set up on a rooftop overlooking a city skyline

– A team sports activity, such as a game of beach volleyball or a game of bowling

– A group outing/adventure to a theme park or other fun destination

Rose Ceremonies

The Rose Ceremony is a central event in each season of The Golden Bachelor. (Usually) At the end of each episode, the Golden Bachelor must eliminate a certain number of contestants, typically leaving them with a smaller group of people to continue on the show. The Rose Ceremony is a formal event where the Golden Bachelor presents roses to the contestants they have chosen to keep, while those who do not receive a rose are eliminated from the competition. The ceremony is typically held in a dramatic setting, with the Golden Bachelor standing at a podium and calling the names of the contestants one by one to come forward and receive a rose. The contestants who do not receive a rose must say goodbye to the Golden Bachelor and leave the show.


The Rose Ceremony is a highly emotional event, as it marks the end of the journey for many of the contestants and can determine who will have the opportunity to continue competing for the Bachelor’s heart. Contestants can also receive roses or get eliminated from the show while on a date or at a cocktail party, or they can choose to leave the show of their own accord.

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Hometowns and Fantasy Suites

Hometown Dates

Hometown dates on The Golden Bachelor are a pivotal moment in the season where the Golden Bachelor gets to visit the hometowns of their remaining three contestants and meet their families. It is an opportunity for the Golden Bachelor to get a sense of the contestant’s life outside of the show and see how they interact with their loved ones. It is also a chance for the contestant’s family to grill the Golden Bachelor and get a sense of their intentions and feelings towards their loved one. Hometown dates are an emotional and revealing part of the show and can often play a significant role in the Golden Bachelor’s decision making process when it comes to choosing their final partner.

Fantasy Suites

After Hometowns, 2 of the 3 finalists are invited to Fantasy Suites, where they have the opportunity to spend an intimate night with the Golden Bachelor in a luxurious hotel suite. The purpose of the Fantasy Suites dates is for the contestants and the Golden Bachelor to have a deeper, more private connection without the pressure of cameras or other contestants. The dates are usually followed by a Rose Ceremony, where the Golden Bachelor must decide which of the remaining contestants they want to keep in the competition. Fantasy Suites dates have often been a source of drama and tension on the show, as they are seen as a test of the strength of the relationships and the contestants’ feelings for each other.


(Usually) An engagement and a Neil Lane diamond ring is the prize for the contestant that receives a rose at the Final Rose Ceremony.