Rose Rundown: A Crossover Episode

By Bracketology

July 29th, 2022

Hey, Bachelor Nation! We’re here to grace your inbox with another edition of the Rose Rundown, where we keep up with all relevant Bachelor Nation news so you don’t have to.

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Relationship Rundown

Kicking off this week’s relationship rundown is none other than Bachelorette host, Jesse Palmer! Jesse and his wife, Emely, got married (again) recently at a beautiful ceremony in France. The couple had already eloped after canceling their wedding during covid but took this chance to celebrate their special moment.

Speaking of marriage, Bachelor Nation twin, Emily Ferguson, married her now-husband, and professional hockey player, William Carlsson. This wedding comes shortly after her sister, Haley, got married, also to a professional hockey player. It is safe to say that these twins really do everything together.

Nayte’s New Roommate

Following up on the sad news that we shared in our last Rose Rundown about Michelle and Nayte officially ending their engagement – Nayte has shared that he is becoming roommates with one of his best buds, and fellow former Bachelorette contestant, Rodney Matthews. The two moved to LA together to join what seems like the other 70% of former Bachelor Nation contestants already there. We’ll see if Rodney + Nayte will be another big San Diego Bromance (next to James and Aaron).

Speaking of Rodney and Nayte, the two have been spotted hitting the town and it has sparked some big-time rumors. Former Bachelor contestant, Deandra Kanu, has been spotted on multiple occasions hanging out with newly-single Nayte; don’t get too excited, as the dating rumors have been denied by the two. We’re going to be keeping our eyes on this duo, so if anything touchy happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Can We Steal You for a Sec?

  • Blake Moynes was spotted with former Love is Blind contestant (crossover episode x2), Natalie Lee, for a sea turtle trip helping spread the word about wildlife conservation. You can see the two together here.
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Do It for the Gram

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Deandra address “chain-gate” stating that her pearls are, in fact, NOT Nayte’s rumored chain. IYKYK. (H/T: @deandrakanu, Deandra Kanu: Bachelor 24, BIP 7)
Hannah Godwin spends a day on the pitch at a soccer game with her dad. (H/T: @hannahg11, Hannah Godwin: Bachelor 23, BIP 6)
Mari and Kenny just got a dog and named it “Eleven.” If they come home to levitating chew toys, they’ll know why. (H/T: @mari_pepin, Mari Pepin: Bachelor 25, BIP 7)