Rose Rundown: Pete and Repeat

By Bracketology

November 15th, 2022

Happy Friday, Bachelor Nation! After a brief break, we’re back once again to bring you all the hottest Bachelor Nation tea from the past few weeks. There are plenty of updates to cover, so we’ll get right to it!

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The Season That Never Ends…

We’d like to start off today’s Rose Rundown by reminiscing upon arguably one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelor that we’ve ever seen, Season 24. Season 24 culminated in “Pilot Pete” Weber getting dumped by his #1 choice (Madi Prewett) followed by Peter choosing to propose to his #2 choice (Hannah Ann) anyway. After Hannah Ann found out that she played second fiddle, she dumped him, too. So Peter went back to his #3 choice, Kelley Flanagan, hoping for one more chance. The two flamed out quickly and things ultimately didn’t work out, or so we thought

Recently, there have been many sightings of Peter and Kelley out and about causing much speculation that the two might be getting back together. According to a source at ‘Us Weekly’, the two are full-on cuffed and getting serious. If you’re not familiar, there is an annoying riddle that goes “Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete fell off, and who was left?” “Repeat.” Kelley and The Pilot seem to be living out this riddle in real-time.

Oh and Madi Prewett? She recently revealed in an Instagram post that her wedding date is coming up VERY soon. Madi announced that she’ll be getting married on October 29th (only two months after getting engaged).

Relationship Rundown

There are plenty of other Bachelor Nation relationships on which to report: from engagements to breakups to babies, and everything in between. To kick things off, we are sad to share that former Bachelor Clayton Echard and his girlfriend, Susie Evans, have officially broken up. The two announced in a shared Instagram post that “Claysie is no more” and that they would be going their separate ways. 

On the flip side, former Bachelorette Clare Crawley announced that she is engaged to now-fiancé, Ryan Dawkins. We don’t know if we are more excited for Clare or the fact that we can finally close the book for good on the Dale/Clare saga.

In additional news, two former Bachelor contestants, Caila Quinn (Bachelor 20) and Sarah Herron (Bachelor 17), are both expecting babies with their (respective) husbands! 

Can We Steal You for a Sec?

  • ICYMI: Former Bachelorette contestant, Zach Shallcross, was announced as the next Bachelor and will lead the 27th season of the show. We’re hoping his season is less awkward than when he met some of his potential contestants during the ATFR part of The Bachelorette Finale.
  • If you’re watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise, you know that Teddi left the beach after things didn’t work out with Andrew. Check out the rumors on this Tik Tok about why she ~really left~ the beach.
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Former Bachelorette Gabby Windey shares a photo with her DWTS partner, Valentin. Rock on, Gab! (H/T: @gabby.windey, Gabby Windey: Bachelor 26, Bachelorette 19)
Jesse Palmer shares a picture with his wife, with the two celebrating his 44th birthday. Happy Birthday Jesse! (H/T: @jessepalmer, Jesse Palmer: Bachelor 5, Host)