Survivor Season 43 Contestants

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Meet the Cast of Season 43

Survivor 43 sent another wave of hopeful castaways crashing onto the sun-drenched shores of Fiji in 2022! This fresh batch of 18 players, all vying for the coveted Sole Survivor title, brought a kaleidoscope of life experiences to the island. Analytical minds, like a potential rocket scientist, battled it out with the unwavering spirit of a decorated war veteran. The season crackled with strategic fireworks as these diverse personalities collided. From a charismatic bartender to a stoic park ranger, this unpredictable group guaranteed a dynamic social experiment. Resourcefulness, cunning, and the ability to navigate complex social situations proved to be the keys to outlasting the competition. Brains, brawn, or social savvy – which would ultimately lead someone to claim the million-dollar prize? The drama unfolded as these castaways fought tooth and nail to become the Sole Survivor.