Austin Li Coon

Age: 27 Hometown: San Jose, CA Occupation: Graduate Student

Meet Austin Li Coon, the 26-year-old grad student hailing from San Jose, California, now calling Chicago, Illinois, his home. Austin is a member of the Reba tribe. With an ambition as vast as his student debt, Austin is ready to conquer Survivor and secure the $1 million prize. Despite his sweet and clumsy nature, he’s a fierce competitor, having transformed from a shy, self-conscious kid into an empathetic powerhouse. Inspired by players like Owen, Jay, and Wendell, Austin aims to form genuine connections, strategically navigate the game, and crush immunities. His alliance partners better be ready to laugh their way to victory with this outdoorsy volleyball enthusiast. And don’t be surprised to learn that Austin holds a world record for “the most nuts thrown and caught in a can on the head in one minute.” With an unwavering belief in never giving up, he’s channeling his inner Naruto to become the Sole Survivor and make every moment count on the island.