Ben Katzman

Age: 31 Hometown: Miami, FL Occupation: Musician

Ben Katzman (Siga tribe), a 31-year-old musician hailing from Miami, Florida, remains rooted in his hometown as he continues to pursue his passion. Described as motivated, energized, and passionate, Ben embodies an emotional and passionate spirit, always seeking genuine experiences. Despite early success running his independent record label, he risked it all at 25 to rediscover his love for life, stepping away from a burgeoning career to prioritize happiness over mere success. Ben’s proudest accomplishment lies in his journey of self-discovery, finding fulfillment in teaching students to express themselves through art. While many see him as a laid-back rocker/surfer, Ben possesses a depth of emotional intelligence and keen awareness that often goes unnoticed. Inspired by past Survivor contestants like Nick Wilson and Cody Assenmacher, Ben’s journey reflects his unwavering commitment to authenticity and genuine connection both in his music and in life. When not strumming his guitar, Ben finds solace in doodling and chilling hard at the beach, cherishing every moment of his vibrant existence.