Brandon Cottom

Age: 31 Hometown: Newtown, PA Occupation: Security Specialist

Brandon Cottom, a 30-year-old security specialist from Newtown, Pennsylvania, is an easygoing, ambitious, and confident individual who is eager to participate in Survivor. He played in the NFL, which taught him the importance of hard work and perseverance, and has a strong sense of self-awareness. In the game, he values a strong alliance partner with good communication skills. In his free time, he coaches at Parisi Speed School, snowboards, and enjoys cooking and grilling. He is proud of his NFL experience and his piano-playing skills and magic tricks may come as a surprise. His parents, who became successful on their terms, are his biggest inspiration. He believes that his combination of physical and mental strength, and ability to adapt to different backgrounds of people, will make him the Sole Survivor.