Bruce Perreault

Age: 48 Hometown: Warwick, RI Occupation: Insurance Agent

Bruce Perreault, 47, from West Warwick, Rhode Island, is an energetic, funny, and competitive insurance agent. Bruce is a member of the Belo tribe. After an early medi-vac in Season 44, he’s excited to participate in Survivor because it challenges him to push his limits. Growing up as an adopted child and becoming a husband and father has prepared him for the challenges he may face in the game. Bruce identifies with Jeremy Collins, valuing family and loyalty in an alliance partner. In his free time, Bruce enjoys golf and boxing and is irritated by people who run their forks on their teeth while eating. His proudest accomplishment is raising two great kids with his wife. Although he was adopted by a white family, Bruce cites his adoptive mother as his biggest inspiration for her love and strength. Bruce believes this is his time to shine and he’ll rely on his social and strategic skills to become the Sole Survivor.