Carson Garrett

Age: 21 Hometown: Rome, GA Occupation: NASA Engineering Student

Carson Garrett is a 20-year-old engineering student from Rome, Georgia, currently residing in Atlanta. He describes himself as multi-faceted, exuberant, and innovative. Carson wants to prove that age doesn’t define success as he joins Survivor to win the game he loves and test his unique thought process and strategic background. Having completed workforce development training at NASA, Carson believes his ability to lead a team and write proposals will serve him well in the game. He identifies with Christian Hubicki and plans to play a similar game, but focus on diminishing his threat level until the endgame. In an alliance partner, Carson values loyalty above all else. He is most proud of being the recipient of the National Student Volunteer Award for 2022. A secret talent of Carson’s is 3D printing and designing Survivor puzzles for fun. His biggest inspiration is his great-grandfather who rose from poverty to become a chief engineer at NASA. Carson believes his determination, emotional intelligence, logical mind, and kindness will lead him to become the Sole Survivor.