Charlie Davis

Age: 26 Hometown: Boston, MA Occupation: Law Student

Charlie Davis (Siga tribe), a 26-year-old law student, originally from Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, now resides in Boston. Known for his loyalty, humor, and competitive spirit, Charlie’s friends describe him as funny, intelligent, charismatic, and strategic, with a hint of nerdiness and occasional eccentricity. Despite his jovial exterior, Charlie’s proudest accomplishment lies in his leadership as varsity cross country captain, overcoming significant injuries to elevate his team to NCAA prominence. Beyond his athletic achievements, Charlie’s unwavering dedication to his loved ones often goes unnoticed at first glance. Inspired by past Survivor contestants like Spencer Bledsoe and Christian Hubicki, Charlie embodies a strategic and competitive approach to life’s challenges. While pursuing his legal education, Charlie finds solace in serious running, spirited debates, and competitive board games, showcasing a balance of physical and intellectual pursuits in his daily life.