Claire Rafson

Age: 26 Hometown: Highland Park, IL Occupation: Tech Investor

Claire Rafson is a 25-year-old tech investor from Highland Park, Illinois, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. She describes herself as energetic, motivated, and cunning. Claire has always been a fan of Survivor and sees it as the ultimate test of her strategic and social skills. She draws inspiration from her diverse background as a queer black Jewish woman and considers herself to have been playing a survival game her whole life. In her allies, she values loyalty above all else and is looking for someone who appears to be a bigger threat that she can use as a shield or puppet. In her free time, Claire loves eating, drinking, sleeping, and traveling. She is also proud of having led a successful fundraiser for the NYC community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Claire is confident that her strategic knowledge, social skills, and ability to be underestimated will make her the Sole Survivor.