Danny Massa

Age: 33 Hometown: Bronx, NY Occupation: NYC Firefighter

Danny Massa is a 32-year-old NYC firefighter from the Bronx, New York. He describes himself as kind, passionate, and determined. He wants to be part of Survivor to challenge himself and step outside his comfort zone. Danny believes that being unprepared for the experience is what will make him more ready for the game. He wants to play like Jeremy Collins, with a cunning but affable approach. Danny’s hobbies include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, running with his dog, and practicing breath work and meditation. His pet peeves are bullies and whining. He is proud of always being kind, being a compassionate fireman, and running an ultramarathon. Something we wouldn’t know from looking at him is that he was once insecure about his body, voice, and speech. Danny’s biggest inspirations in life are his mother and sister, who have shown remarkable strength and courage throughout their lives.