David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky

Age: 22 Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Occupation: Slot Machine Salesman

David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky (Yanu tribe), a 22-year-old slot machine salesman from Las Vegas, Nevada, embodies passion, confidence, and intelligence. Described by his closest friends as highly knowledgeable yet maturing in his approach, David’s journey reflects growth and understanding. Despite risks like taking a year off after high school, David’s academic achievements in literature stand out as his proudest moments. Behind his confident demeanor lies a hidden past as a theater kid and professional ballroom dancer, showcasing his diverse interests and talents. A self-proclaimed Swiftie, David’s multifaceted personality surprises many. Inspired by past Survivor contestants like Fabio, Sami, Russell, Tyson, and Rick Devens, David approaches life with adaptability and strategic thinking. Outside of work, he finds solace in sports, trivia, puzzles, magic, and card games, illustrating a blend of competitiveness and intellectual curiosity in his daily pursuits.