Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

Age: 44 Hometown: Ponce, Puerto Rico Occupation: Engineering Manager

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt is a 43-year-old Engineering Manager from Ponce, Puerto Rico, currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Describing herself as energetic, adventurous, and loud, Heidi is excited to be a part of Survivor and to continue representing the Latinx and Latinas community. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant in the US, Heidi learned to adapt and succeed on her own, which she believes has prepared her for the game. Heidi is a big fan of Sandra and Angelina, admiring their female empowerment and negotiation skills. In an alliance, she values strategic collaboration and honesty, but understands that it can be hard to achieve in the game. Her hobbies include CrossFit and playing board games, and she hates rude people. Among her proudest accomplishments are her successful career, patents, and marathons. Heidi’s biggest inspiration is her mother, who taught her to respect others and live a simple life. With her drive to win and be a role model for others, Heidi is confident she will be the Sole Survivor.