Helen Li

Age: 30 Hometown: Wayland, MA Occupation: Product Manager

Helen Li, a 29-year-old product manager from Wayland, Mass. and now residing in San Francisco, Calif., describes herself as empathetic, optimistic, and self-aware. She has been a fan of Survivor for over a decade and sees it as the ultimate game and challenge to put herself through. Growing up and in college, she learned to adapt to different communities, making her a skilled context-switcher. She identifies with Erika from Season 41 and aspires to play a mix of Tina and Sophie Clarke, both well-liked and strategic. In an alliance, she values partnership and loyalty. Her hobbies include traveling, skiing, board games and puzzles, and hiking. Her pet peeves are toilet paper going under, traffic, and disrespectful people. She’s proud of growing into someone her parents no longer have to worry about, and a fun fact is that she can complete an expert level of Minesweeper in under two minutes. Her parents, who left China for the US in their twenties, are her biggest inspiration for their hard work and dedication to giving her and her brother every opportunity. She believes she will be underestimated and can adapt her game to the dynamics, eventually becoming the Sole Survivor by pulling the strings without anyone realizing it.