Hunter McKnight

Age: 28 Hometown: French Camp, MS Occupation: Science Teacher

Hunter McKnight (Nami tribe), a 28-year-old science teacher from French Camp, Mississippi, epitomizes cleverness, competitiveness, and adamant determination. Described by friends as competitive, intelligent, and quick-witted, Hunter’s journey reflects his unwavering commitment to his hometown community. Departing from a full-ride scholarship and direct admission to medical school, Hunter chose to teach in his hometown, believing he could make a more significant impact. Despite uncertainties, his decision proved fruitful, affirming his ability to effect positive change. While Hunter takes pride in his academic achievements, including graduating college in 3.5 years with a perfect GPA, his humility shines through. Behind his composed demeanor lies a remarkable academic record, including high school valedictorian status. Inspired by past Survivor contestant Hayden, Hunter approaches life with strategic thinking and adaptability. Beyond his career, he finds joy in building Survivor challenges, engaging in sports, and camping, showcasing a blend of creativity and outdoor adventure in his daily pursuits.