J. Maya

Age: 25 Hometown: San Francisco, CA Occupation: Singer

J. Maya (Janani Krishnan-Jha), a 24-year-old singer hailing from San Francisco, California, and now residing in Los Angeles, California, embodies ambition, optimism, and creativity. J. Maya is a member of the Reba tribe. For her, Survivor represents the epic adventure she’s always dreamed of, a chance to test her mettle physically, mentally, and emotionally. Opting to decline early admission to Harvard Law School in favor of a music career, she’s no stranger to forging her own path against societal expectations. Inspired by the strategic prowess of Queen Parvati and Maryanne, J. Maya plans to blend her bubbly personality with strategic gameplay. She values alliances built on relatability and adaptability, and with a diverse skill set and a commitment to staying true to herself, she’s poised to excel as the Sole Survivor.