Josh Wilder

Age: 35 Hometown: Cincinnati, OH Occupation: Surgical Podiatrist

Josh Wilder, a 34-year-old surgical podiatrist from Cincinnati, Ohio currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is a charismatic and ambitious individual. He is described as adventurous and is eager to prove to others, especially young gay Black children, that anything is possible. He has developed strong interpersonal skills that he believes will help him in the game of Survivor because of his background as a physician. Josh identifies with Jeremy and plays like Avi, valuing honesty and trustworthiness in his alliance partners. His favorite hobbies include obstacle course races, traveling, and tending to his houseplants. Despite his congenital deformity and his journey with a kidney transplant and stomach cancer, Josh remains inspired by his late kidney donor and is determined to be the Sole Survivor.