Julie Alley

Age: 50 Hometown: Brentwood, TN Occupation: Estate Attorney

Julie Alley, a 49-year-old estate attorney from Brentwood, Tennessee, is defined by her hardworking, loyal, and smart nature. Julie is a member of the Reba tribe. Her inspiration to join Survivor stems from watching the second chance theme in Cambodia: Second Chance in 2015, which resonated with her own journey of starting over at age 40, as a single mom and law school student. Julie identifies most with Cirie’s story of taking risks and wants to emulate her gameplay, combining loyalty with a strategic edge akin to Jesse from season 43. In an alliance partner, she values truth, hard work, loyalty, and strength, and her accomplishments include raising two amazing young adults. Julie is driven to be the Sole Survivor to inspire women in their 40s and beyond to pursue their dreams and embrace challenges with confidence and determination.