Kenzie Petty

Age: 29 Hometown: Gibraltar, MI Occupation: Salon Owner

Kenzie Petty (Yanu tribe), a 29-year-old salon owner, originally from Gibraltar, Michigan, now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Described as positive, creative, and perseverant, Kenzie’s friends admire her resilience, resourcefulness, and drive. She took a monumental risk opening her salon, despite lacking a business background, and weathered the storm of COVID-19 shutdowns, emerging with a thriving and joyful work environment. Kenzie finds pride not only in surviving the pandemic as a small business owner but also in fostering a cooperative and successful space filled with artists. Despite her outward appearance, few would suspect Kenzie’s strategic prowess in games like Catan. Inspired by past Survivor contestant Maryanne, Kenzie approaches life’s challenges with a blend of tenacity and adaptability. Beyond running her salon, she finds solace in hobbies like solving jigsaw puzzles, delving into fantasy romance novels, and engaging in competitive card games, embodying a spirit of both relaxation and strategic thinking in her daily pursuits.