Liz Wilcox

Age: 35 Hometown: Orlando, FL Occupation: Marketing Strategist

Liz Wilcox (Nami tribe), a 35-year-old marketing strategist, originally from Luther, Michigan, now calls Orlando, Florida home. Described as fun-seeking, growth-minded, and relentlessly capable, Liz’s friends admire her drive and find her inspiring. She’s taken significant risks in her life, including leaving a marriage without a plan or financial security, which ultimately led to newfound independence and success. While she takes pride in her financial independence, Liz’s greatest accomplishment lies in her unwavering self-belief and genuine self-love, a rarity she cherishes. Despite her outward confidence, few would guess that Liz overcame muteness and severe nervousness to become a confident public speaker and the face of her company. Inspired by past Survivor contestants like Russell and Sandra, Liz approaches life with strategic thinking and resilience. Beyond her career, Liz finds joy in running, telling jokes, and pursuing financial growth, embodying a balance of ambition and humor in her daily life.