Maddy Pomilla

Age: 29 Hometown: Huntington, MD Occupation: Charity Projects Manager

Maddy Pomilla, 28, hails from Huntingtown, Maryland but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. As a Charity Projects Manager, she has a passion for helping others. Brave, friendly, and feral are the three words she uses to describe herself. She wants to be part of “Survivor” to challenge herself and do things she’s always dreamed of. Growing up with four sisters and being the classic middle child has prepared her to be dynamic and keep up with the challenges of the game. She values practical, open-minded, and fun alliance partners. In her free time, she enjoys surfing, skateboarding, making movies with her sisters, dancing, karaoke, and laying in the grass. Maddy is inspired by her four sisters and her dad, who lead life with compassion and honesty. Maddy’s Instagram handle is “jeffprobstcanyouhearme,” and she believes she will be the Sole Survivor because she loves living in the grey area where anything could happen at any moment.