Maria Shrime Gonzalez

Age: 48 Hometown: Luther, MI Occupation: Parent Coach

Maria Shrime Gonzalez (Siga tribe), a 48-year-old parent coach based in Dallas, Texas, embodies determination, loyalty, and resilience. Known among her friends as funny, compassionate, and fiercely loyal, Maria’s journey reflects a spirit of perseverance and authenticity. Taking risks like volunteering with WorldTeach in Costa Rica, Maria experienced transformation in environments vastly different from her comfort zone. While she boasts numerous accomplishments, including birthing her three children at home on her terms, Maria’s proudest moments showcase the strength and perseverance of women during childbirth. Behind her composed exterior lies a colorful past, from sampling sheep’s head in Morocco to gracing the pages of a salsa vixen swimsuit calendar. Unbeknownst to many, Maria’s childhood adventures include getting lost on the Champs Elysees in Paris and the curious inability to whistle. Inspired by past Survivor contestants like Drea Wheeler and Natalie Anderson, Maria approaches life with adaptability and strategic thinking. Beyond her career, she finds joy in travel, running, and spending quality time with friends, reflecting a balance of adventure and connection in her daily life.