Moriah Gaynor

Age: 28 Hometown: Boca Raton, FL Occupation: Program Coordinator

Moriah Gaynor (Siga tribe), a 28-year-old program coordinator hailing from Boca Raton, Florida, now resides in San Diego, California, embodying drive, quirkiness, and sentimentality. Known among her friends as a go-getter and a fiercely loyal companion, Moriah takes pride in her ability to organize events and support those she cares about. Her move to California exemplifies her willingness to take risks for change, leaving behind familiarity in Wisconsin for the unknown. Despite uncertainties, Moriah finds solace in her accomplishments, notably completing a marathon after months of dedicated training in New York City. Behind her confident exterior lies a tendency to second-guess herself, a trait not readily apparent to others. Inspired by past Survivor contestant Nick Wilson, Moriah approaches life with determination and adaptability. Beyond her career, she finds joy in beer brewing, surfing, and Dungeons & Dragons, blending creativity and adventure in her daily pursuits.