Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup

Age: 31 Hometown: O'Fallon, IL Occupation: Gym Owner

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup, the outgoing and empowering 30-year-old from O’Fallon, Illinois, aspires to join Survivor to test himself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while making a massive impact through his various programs and outreach efforts. Sifu is a member of the Reba tribe. His lifelong journey in martial arts, starting with Yang-style tai chi at the tender age of six, has honed his mental toughness for the game. Nicholas identifies with the ferocious playstyle of Tony V., drawn to the shared goal of helping their families thrive. In an alliance, he values honesty, focus, and determination, and beyond Survivor, he’s a grill master, Tai Chi practitioner, and a lover of Dragonball Z. Nicholas is most proud of becoming a world champion in Push Hands, remaining undefeated and recognized globally. Inspired by his father’s bravery during the Vietnam War and his teachings in Tai Chi, Nicholas is determined to be the Sole Survivor by staying true to himself, unwavering in his pursuit, and willing to endure whatever challenges come his way.