Randen Montalvo

Age: 41 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Aerospace Tech

Randen Montalvo (Nami tribe), a 41-year-old aerospace technician originally from Brooklyn, New York, now residing in Orlando, Florida, embodies analytical thinking, persistence, and passion. Described by friends as relentless, Randen’s journey reflects his commitment to building a strong foundation for his family. From relocating to another state to joining the military while maintaining a career, Randen has consistently embraced change for the better. Despite his serious demeanor, Randen harbors a keen interest in meeting intellectual figures beyond Jeff Probst and draws inspiration from Survivor contestant Xander. Beyond his career, Randen finds joy in running marathons, indulging in sports cars, and participating in extreme sports, showcasing a blend of discipline and adventure in his daily life.