Sarah Wade

Age: 28 Hometown: Chicago, IL Occupation: Management Consultant

Sarah Wade is a 27-year-old management consultant from Rochester, Minnesota, currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. She describes herself as strategic, driven, and fun, and has been a fan of Survivor since the beginning. Sarah’s best friend passed away two years ago, and she is playing Survivor in her honor. She identifies with Natalie and values alliance partners who are logical, strategic, and loyal. Sarah’s favorite hobbies include anything outdoors and she is pet peeved by the sound of someone chewing and closed-minded people. Her proudest accomplishment is her admittance to grad school and something people wouldn’t know from looking at her is that she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.98 GPA in finance and economics. Sarah believes she will be the Sole Survivor because of her extensive knowledge of the game, understanding of people, and observant nature.