Tevin Davis

Age: 24 Hometown: Goochland, VA Occupation: Actor

Tevin Davis (Nami tribe), a 24-year-old actor from Goochland, Virginia, currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, epitomizes kindness, charisma, and optimism. Known among his friends as a beacon of positivity and energy, Tevin’s journey reflects his resilience and determination to succeed against the odds. Overcoming challenges as a first-generation college student, Tevin takes pride in his academic achievements and the independence he forged. Behind his charismatic persona lies a genuine country boy at heart and an ability to see through people’s facades. Inspired by Survivor contestants Maryanne and Cochran, Tevin approaches life with authenticity and determination. Beyond his career, he finds joy in beach outings, music, and fashion, showcasing a blend of vibrancy and authenticity in his daily life.