Tiffany Nicole Ervin

Age: 33 Hometown: Franklin Township, NJ Occupation: Artist

Tiffany Nicole Ervin (Yanu tribe), a 33-year-old artist from Franklin Township, New Jersey, now residing in Elizabeth, New Jersey, embodies curiosity, passion, and artistic expression. Known among her friends as a vibrant personality with a penchant for seeing the world through rose-colored lenses, Tiffany’s journey reflects her courage to pursue her artistic dreams. Transitioning to full-time artistry after a layoff marked a significant turning point in her life, showcasing her resilience and determination. Behind her carefree exterior lies a love for playing the lottery and an unfiltered approach to life. Inspired by Survivor contestants Jeremy and Shan, Tiffany approaches life with authenticity and passion. Beyond her career, she finds solace in painting, photography, and culinary adventures, reflecting a balance of creativity and exploration in her daily pursuits.