Venus Vafa

Age: 24 Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Occupation: Data Analyst

Venus Vafa (Nami tribe), a 24-year-old data analyst from Richmond Hill, Ontario, currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, embodies passion, persistence, and sassiness. Described by friends as a tough exterior with a soft heart, Venus’s journey reflects her courage to break free from societal expectations and pursue her dreams. Opting for a university far from home marked a transformative decision that shaped her independence and resilience. Despite her analytical nature, Venus possesses a profound fear of butterflies and a keen eye for authentic connections. Inspired by Survivor contestants Parvati and Cirie, Venus approaches life with determination and empathy. Beyond her career, she finds solace in poker, creative writing, and meticulous cleaning, reflecting a blend of creativity and meticulousness in her daily pursuits.