Vesi tribe, blink twice if you need help…


In Episode 3: I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers, the castaways are coming up on a full week on the island. Justine is the 2nd castaway to be eliminated, and it is a new day for the surviving players.  New alliances form, another Beware Advantage is found, and we say goodbye to another castaway. 

Talkin' Tribes


In the Baka tribe, castaways still afloat are: Gabler, Sami, Owen, Jeanine and Elie.  Honestly, this team just lacks morality. It’s only day 6, but it’s impossible to ignore all the red flags here. In particular, Elie and Jeanine love to stir the pot. According to them, Gabler is “deteriorating” and they decide to plot a devious trick against him in hopes to send him off the island. Although, Elie is embarrassingly oblivious to the fact that Gabler is actually smart, so she believes she’ll trick him into thinking his idol is out of play. Little does she know, Gabler is very aware that his idol IS still usable, but he goes along with her scheme.


In the Immunity Challenge, Baka destroys the competitors, again! They win immunity from Tribal Council, a tool kit and a big basket filled with fresh fruits. Baka is absolutely killing the game! 


The Vesi tribe has dwindled down to 5 castaways: Cody, Nneka, Jesse, Dwight, and Noelle.  After losing Justine in an exciting Tribal Council, Noelle is floundering and looking to find a new partner in crime.  Dwight feels betrayed by Jesse, and decides to spark a connection with Noelle… (hence why Jesse will be signing the divorce papers). RIP. 


Yet again, Vesi places at dead last in the Immunity Challenge, resulting in the loss of another tribe member.  This team is strong when it comes to physical challenges, but it seems they lack puzzling skills. Nneka was so astoundingly confused while building the puzzle that she had to check how Baka and Coco were arranging theirs. Is this Nneka’s final straw?


Coco is by far the most loving tribe of all, and this is the only tribe with all original members still in the game. Castaways are: James, Cassidy, Lindsay, Karla, Ryan, and Geo. The vibes are simply immaculate here, but is it too good to be true?


On Day 6, it’s James’ birthday so the tribe has a cute celebration for him!  The topic of idols is brought up which makes for an uncomfortable conversation, and it seems that paranoia has set in.  Everyone is just sitting there wondering who has possibly found an idol…  This is when Karla actually sets out to find one, and then DOES. It’s another Beware Advantage, and it entails the same rules from Cody’s Beware Advantage.  Simply, Karla must collect her tribe members special beads or else she has no vote in the next Tribal Ceremony.  She seamlessly convinces everyone in her tribe to hand their bead over. 

Coco comes in second in the Immunity Challenge, granting them immunity, a small toolbox and a fruit basket. You go Coco! 

The Tribe Has Spoken

Heading into the Tribal Ceremony, there were really only two castaways being discussed – Noelle and Nneka. Nneka is the obvious answer here; she simply couldn’t pull her weight in the challenge (again), and Noelle has proven to the team that she is a physical asset, despite only having one leg. Cody and Jesse came to the agreement that it’s time to send Nneka home, regardless of the emotional difficulty it entails.  


The final vote totals were Nneka (4) and Noelle (1), making Nneka the 3rd castaway eliminated from Survivor 43