Are we watching a tribal alliance between Vesi & Baka in the making?!


In Episode 4: Show No Mercy, we see a complete 180 flip in the Vesi tribe, while Baka and Coco start to show cracks in their game play. True colors come out amongst the castaways, as starvation and sleep deprivation has fully set in, and Cody’s sales background works to manipulate the Coco tribe. Of course, another castaway is sent packing, and this time only has themself to blame for it…

Talkin' Tribes


In the Baka tribe, castaways are: Gabler, Sami, Owen, Jeanine and Elie. We are still seeing a split between the men and women of Baka, and the Elie/Gabler beef continues. In her own mind, Elie is running the show, and finds useless reasons to sass Gabler. Even his own alliance member, Owen, gives him some ‘tude in the immunity challenge… is this a Gabler problem?  Either way, I still stand with Gabler! On another note, Sami, the 19-year old-who disguises himself as a 22-year-old is playing a great game. Not only is he an important physical asset for their tribe, but he’s also playing a strategic social game between the two alliances. Elie and Jeanine feel comfortable telling him about their mischievous game play, which he then just feeds back to Owen and Gabler (love the commitment).  


Baka STRUGGLES in the Immunity Challenge, but they pull it out AGAIN and find immunity… thanks to Vesi. Out of nowhere, Vesi decides they want to help Baka finish the puzzle, completely drawing a line in the sand between them and Coco. Coco is the only team with all original players in the game, so the strategy behind this move was to dwindle Coco’s numbers.  Although, does this mean Baka and Vesi have some sort of unspoken alliance?  Will the two tribes help each other out in future challenges as well? 


It’s been a tough couple of days for the Vesi tribe. Their team has diminished down to FOUR castaways, making them the smallest tribe on the island. Although, this doesn’t stop them from winning BOTH the Reward Challenge and the Immunity Challenge. Cody, Jesse, Dwight, and Noelle are quite literally in *survivor mode* and they know it’s more important than ever to start winning challenges if they want any chance to continue playing this game.  


First off, they destroy Baka and Coco in the Reward Challenge, earning them a fruit basket, a tool kit, and the ability to steal some resources from one of the other tribes.  This is HUGE and absolutely crucial for the Vesi tribe since their resources are so limited. After talking it out, Cody decides he’ll be the one to swindle the Coco or Baka tribe, but the rest of Vesi was pretty wary about this decision. Dwight even refers to the situation as “It’s like sending a child off to school, and I don’t know how he’s gonna behave.” Cody heads to the Coco tribe, first asking for their machete (all in the plan) in which they aggressively try to sway his decision. Cody doesn’t actually want their machete (or maybe he does, but he can’t ruffle their feathers quite yet), and he refers back to “Sales 101” and lets us know you never initiate the deal with what you actually want. Cody leaves the Coco tribe with their fishing gear and lots of food! On top of this win, they also place first in the Immunity Challenge, granting them safety for at least a little bit.  


Coco is a decently solid team with little drama, and going into this episode, the entire team is still alive. This all comes crumbling down, as they lose both the Reward Challenge and place in last at the Immunity Challenge, meaning one of them will be sent home. 


Geo lowkey thinks he is the voice of the Coco tribe, and decides he wants Cassidy out. On the other hand, Karla, James and Cassidy want Geo out (well… at first). This is all until Lindsay’s paranoia spirals out of control, causing her own alliance to flip on her.  At this point, Karla, James and Cassidy don’t know who to vote out because they don’t want to lose one of their own, but Lindsay is shooting herself in the foot here. It seems as though Lindsay doesn’t trust her own alliance, so why would they want to keep her?  

The Tribe Has Spoken

So, the time has come and now the Coco tribe is seated with Jeff for the first time this season.  At this point, I’m personally freaking out because I have Lindsay WINNING in my Survivor Fantasy Bracket, and I know other people have her going far as well.  To see Lindsay go would honestly be a shock! However, her alliance flips on her, and to be completely fair, I see why. Unpredictability is not how you win a game of Survivor, and Lindsay’s paranoia was the sole reason as to why she is sent home. It’ll be very interesting to see how this team does without her in the future.  


The final vote totals were Lindsay (4), Geo (1) and Cassidy (1) making Lindsay the 4th castaway to be eliminated from Survivor 43