Caleb Arthur

Age: 30 Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI Occupation: Resident Physician

Meet Caleb A. Arthur, a passionate and dedicated resident physician hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. After years of arduous medical training, he is ready to embrace a new chapter in his life and focus on finding love. Despite working long hours, Caleb A. makes the most of his days off by indulging in hikes, quality time with friends, or enjoying a cozy night in with takeout and a movie. With his dependable nature and attentive listening skills, Caleb A. strives to provide understanding and support to his future partner. Apart from envisioning a family of his own, he dreams of building his own house and owning a home studio to nurture his love for music production and guitar playing. Could Caleb A.’s values strike a harmonious chord with Charity?