Caleb “Moze” Smith

Age: 25 Hometown: Albany, NY Occupation: Algebra Teacher

Caleb “Moze” Smith, a 25-year-old algebra teacher from Albany, New York, is ready to see if Moze + Jenn = true love. The self-proclaimed certified lover boy is charismatic, charming, and serious about settling down. Moze is extremely close to his family and hopes to have a big family of his own someday. He’s been in long-term relationships before, so he knows he’s a great partner and is always willing to grow and improve when it comes to showing up for the person he loves. Moze’s ultimate date would be a trip to the moon, and he isn’t afraid to try freestyle rapping for his lady on a first date. Fun facts about Moze include speaking Spanish fluently, playing football professionally in the XFL, and his firm stance against dating anyone who has a pet tarantula. So Jenn, hope your bags are packed for a relationship that’s out of this world!