Chandler Dewgard

Age: 24 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Graphic Designer

Chandler Dewgard, a 24-year-old graphic designer from the bustling city of New York, embodies a rare blend of empathy, drive, and beauty. Her life appears meticulously arranged—from a successful career in graphic design to a vibrant social circle in NYC. However, amidst this bustling life, one significant element eludes her grasp—the right partner. Chandler’s journey through dating apps and ‘situationships’ has left her yearning for something genuine, expressing her readiness to reciprocate the love she seeks. Her mantra, “I am ready to love someone who will love me back,” reflects her heartfelt desire. Beyond work, she cherishes moments with her mom and sister, relishes culinary adventures at new eateries, and finds solace in runs along the West Side Highway. Her idea of a perfect evening revolves around baking desserts, hoping her sweetness captures Joey’s heart.