Dakota Nobles

Age: 27 Hometown: Paradise Valley, AZ Occupation: Sommelier

Dakota Nobles, a 27-year-old sommelier hailing from the picturesque Paradise Valley, Arizona, is poised to pour out his heart in the pursuit of love. With his charming demeanor, infectious goofiness, and unwavering optimism, Dakota is ready to captivate Jenn with both his good looks and profound depth. Having spent much of his life caring for others, Dakota is now eager to find a partnership built on mutual support and understanding. Proud of his career as a certified sommelier, Dakota brings wisdom beyond his years to the table, viewing his journey on the Bachelorette as serendipitous timing in his life. He envisions sharing with Jenn the beauty of his hometown, with its stunning vineyards serving as the backdrop for toasting to their promising future together. Despite his spontaneous drive to Mexico at 3 a.m., Dakota’s dreams of becoming a master sommelier and his meaningful tattoo bearing a poignant quote, “The biggest thing in today’s sorrow is the memory of yesterday’s joy,” showcase both his adventurous spirit and his appreciation for life’s moments, big and small. Will Jenn prove to be the perfect pairing that Dakota has been searching for?