Devin Strader

Age: 28 Hometown: Houston, TX Occupation: Freight Company Owner

Devin Strader, a 28-year-old freight company owner from Houston, Texas, is the full package and so ready to meet his match. This business owner is 100% husband material and dreams of surprising his partner with romantic gestures throughout their relationship. Devin is extremely hardworking, passionate about his career, and proud of the business he’s built. When he’s not working, he loves running and spending time with his dog, Charlie — these two are a package deal. Devin is hoping his future wife is honest, kind, and embraces his big personality. He admits he’s a bit loud and loves to talk. Devin is truly here to find his person and hopefully return home with Jenn by his side. Fun facts about Devin include running a 200-mile relay race with his buddies, loving shrimp tacos despite being allergic to shrimp, and considering his mom his hero.