Grant Ellis

Age: 30 Hometown: Houston, TX Occupation: Day Trader

Grant Ellis, a 30-year-old day trader from Houston, Texas, is easy to see why he’s such a catch. His smile lights up every room he walks into and is followed by his positive attitude. Grant is a mama’s boy who loves poetry and reading, and says he’s here to find the love of his life. The former pro basketball player is passionate about his new career as a day trader and hopes to be able to provide for his future family. When Grant isn’t hustling at his job, he loves watching the Lakers, going bowling, and singing his heart out at karaoke. After his last long-term relationship didn’t work out, Grant is excited for the chance to fall in love again and can’t wait for his Bachelorette journey to begin. Fun facts about Grant include his plan to visit every country in his lifetime, his avid salsa dancing, and his wish to live in the year 3000 to see what technology is like.