Jennifer “Jenn” Tran

Age: 25 Hometown: Miami, FL Occupation: Physician Assistant Student

Jennifer “Jenn” Tran, a 25-year-old Physician Assistant student from Miami, Florida, radiates a bubbly and compassionate aura, dedicating herself wholeheartedly to aiding others. Her pursuit of a career in healthcare doesn’t overshadow her desire for love, as she passionately seeks a partner as reliable and considerate as she is. Despite experiencing several serious relationships, Jenn continues her quest for that special connection. Amidst her studies, she finds solace in the pages of books like “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,” revels in paddleboarding adventures, and eagerly seizes any opportunity to explore new destinations. Fluent in two languages, Jenn is thrilled to share her family’s Vietnamese heritage with Joey, excited about the chance to engage in meaningful conversations about their backgrounds.