John Henry Spurlock

Age: 31 Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA Occupation: Underwater Welder

From Charity’s Bachelorette Season 20, immersed in the depths as an underwater welder, John Henry Spurlock is on a quest for a love as profound as the ocean. Dedicated to his craft, he yearns for a connection that transcends the underwater realm. John Henry seeks a partner who embodies trust, adventure, and a vibrant sense of humor, envisioning thrilling diving escapades with his future love. Beyond his welding endeavors, John Henry finds solace in the gym and loses himself in the captivating beats of ASAP Rocky. Though initially reserved, once he opens up, John Henry’s devotion knows no bounds. With an unapologetic love for pumpkin spiced lattes, a preference for ornamental grasses, and a modest movie count of only 20, John Henry’s unique quirks only add to his magnetic charm.